Fire Systems

Fire SystemsFire Systems
Your building or site may have many of the following fire safety measures in place and this is what we refer to as Fire Systems when there is more than one type of system on site.

These individual systems will quite often be interlinked and they reply upon each other to do what they are designed to do.

So for example you might have a Fire Sprinkler system, this system when activated will signal the Occupant Warning System that it needs to tell the occupants what is going on. The occupant Warning systems then needs to tell the Fire indicator panel there has been an activation of the sprinkler system and then the Fire Indicator Panel will call the Fire Brigade to come to site.

So it is very important that all of your fire systems are kept in good service and tested regularly by the same company.

Whatever you do, don’t let multiple companies service your fire equipment on your site, this just leads to the blame game and confusion when there is problems.

If your current Fire Services company can’t perform a particular services for you then gives us a call as we can do it all.

Essential fire safety measures

Essential fire safety measures within buildings may include:

Fire Safety Measure

  • automatic fire suppression (sprinkler) systems
  • fire hose reels
  • fire hydrants
  • smoke detection and alarm systems
  • fire doors
  • fire extinguishers
  • solid-core doors
  • smoke exhaust systems
  • exit signs
  • fire drenchers
  • emergency lighting
  • exit systems and paths of travel to exits

Frequency of Service

  • Monthly Inspection
  • 6 monthly Inspection
  • 6 Monthly Inspection
  • Monthly Inspection
  • 6 Monthly Inspection
  • 6 Monthly Inspection
  • 6 Monthly Inspection
  • Annual Inspection
  • 6 Monthly inspection
  • Annual Inspection
  • 6 Monthly Inspection
  • Annual Inspection

As you can see it can be quite complicated if your site has multiple fire services to keep track of when there are all due for inspection.

FireQuest will service all of the Fire Safety equipment on your site and give you a complete report as to its state of compliance.

We can also assist you in your AFSS submission to council and the local Fire Brigade.

Are there penalties for not submitting the AFSS each year?
Yes. Failure to comply with these requirements by the due date is an offence and will make the owner liable to substantial penalties. More importantly, failure to meet these safety requirements may threaten the lives of the building’s occupants, and have significant liability implications for the building owner.
Council may issue a penalty infringement notice (on-the-spot fine) if the essential fire safety services are not fully maintained ($1,500) or if the annual Fire Safety Statement submission requirements are not complied with (up to $2,000). Council may also serve a fire safety notice and order requiring compliance with these fire safety requirements and/or commence legal proceedings for any breach or offence.
Please note that the Regulations do not empower Council to provide an extension of time in which to comply with these important fire safety provisions.




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