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Staff Training – Fire Protection

How important is staff training for fire protection?

The answer is how important is your business?
Staff training is your first line of defence against disaster in your workplace. More than 60% of businesses go out of business after a major fire in the workplace. Do you want to be one of those businesses.

There is lot more to using portable fire fighting equipment than you may think, we can train your staff to use them and show you and you staff how to recognise the equipment and what the best extinguisher is for which type of fire. With the correct training and equipment your staff and premises will feel a lot safer. Fire Warden and Evacuation training.

We Train your staff in the following

  • First Attack Fire Training
  • Extinguisher Training
  • Warden Training
  • Evacuation Training
  • Workplace Safety Training

We can organise your fire Warden and Emergency Evacuation procedures and training including a mock evacuation with an on site audit to see how you perform. Evacuation plans Emergency procedures Site plans Warden Training Equipment Supply Signage Site Evaluation.

Download the First Attack Brochure
Download the Warden Training Brochure

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We are proudly Australian owned and are not associated with any other fire company or international company.

We can help with any of your fire and emergency services problems. We strive to be a single point of contact for your business to call when you need help with any of your fire services.

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