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Fire System Design & Installation

A reliable and safe fire alarm system is not exclusively the one that complies with the legal requirements, as this may not be enough for a full protection of your house or business against fire. Fire alarm system design requires a range of factors to consider.

Protecting your building from fire requires a specific goal of the fire alarm system. You also need to answer some questions regarding the building.
How many people are working in it simultaneously? Is it a Heritage listed building or a modern office block? And, finally, what do you want to achieve? High cost-effectiveness or convenience in monitoring the building?


Depending on your needs, there are different types of fire alarm systems that you can select.

Conventional Fire Alarm System

This traditional system is the most common choice, especially among residential clients and small business owners. It’s suitable to cover small areas such as private homes, restaurants and shops. Unfortunately, the conventional system is unable to show you the exact location of fire. That’s why it’s suitable to cover mostly small areas such as small businesses, restaurants and shops. Bigger buildings can be divided into zones (for example, the first floor could be one zone, etc.) giving you a general idea of the fire location.

Conventional fire alarm systems are simple, yet, highly reliable, affordable and cost effective. This makes them ideal in small buildings, covering up to eight zones.

Addressable Fire Alarm System

This fire alarm system is more sophisticated compared to its conventional counterpart. Instead of a separate wire for each zone, all detectors are can be connected to the main control panel using a single loop. By doing this it’s easy to find the exact location of fire as each device has its unique address in the system.

Addressable systems are quite easy to maintain as the detector in question is identified on the pain panel screen and whether it’s a real alarm or a fault we know exactly where it is by its displayed description.

The initial cost of an addressable fire alarm system is higher when compared to a conventional one, however it’s easier to install and is a ideal for large, multi-storey buildings.

Designing a fire alarm system that perfectly suits your building is not an easy task and can be quite costly. Despite the initial expense, you should never try to save money on your safety and the safety of others. The installation and maintenance costs of a quality system are very low compared to potential losses caused by the actual fire, and the cost can be highly optimized if you design the system with your building and its occupants in mind.

fire sprinkler system designFire Sprinkler systems

These are engineered systems, designed according to the structure of buildings and occupancy. They are classified into:

  • Light hazard occupancies
  • Ordinary hazard occupancies
  • Extra hazard occupancies

Upon determining the applicable design needed for the building or structure, the engineer will use the available architectural plans to design the fire sprinkler system in accordance with BCA, NCC and AS 2118, depending on whether the system is for commercial, industrial or residential use.
Volume and density of water is then determined based on the following Density/Area Curve Comparison.
Our designers will take all the elements needed to create appropriate fire sprinkler system for your building leading to approval by your local authority and Fire Authority.
Our company is specialized in industrial, commercial and residential fire sprinkler systems. Whether you are general contractor, business or home-owner, call us for free no obligation estimate or consultation.
We can do the design only or we can do a design and construction package for you.



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