Emergency & Exit Lighting

Its the Law

In Australia all commercial & public premises are required by law to have emergency and or exit light.

These lights run off you main power until there is a power outage and then using their built in back up battery they will illuminate your path of travel so you can safely exit the building.
If you have exit and emergency lighting you are required to maintain this lighting to ensure the safety of you staff or tenants.
The Australian Standard that covers this is the AS 2293 and of course the Building code of Australia (BCA) or the National Construction Code (NCC)
We at FireQuest ensure that all of you lighting is up to the standards as we test to those standards and we can repair or replace any lights that do not meet those standards.
If you are unsure if your workplace complies with Australian Standards for exit and emergency lighting please give us a call or send us an email.

Typically you will have some or all of the following lights in the place of work.

Exit lighting

Exit lighting is very important in guiding staff and visitors along the right path of travel to the safety of outside the building.
These lights are illuminated and come in various different styles.
Most of the new exit lights come in LED versions and coupled with Lithium batteries greatly improve their lifespan.


Exit Lighting

Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting is different to exit lighting though they work together to assist you in exiting a building during a blackout.

Emergency lights can come in many different system and to many of us they look just the same as the other lights in the area.

Emergency lights also have their own built in battery; this battery is being charged whilst the mains power is on, if the mains power goes off, the batteries will power the light and guide you to safety.

Emergency Lighting
Emergency Lighting
Emergency Lighting

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