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Effective Fire & Support Services

Understanding client needs is crucial to the implementation of effective Fire and support services.

The key to this understanding is to build a close working relationship during the commencement of a contract, so that realistic plans can be made and implemented, staff specially trained, assignment instructions agreed and goals set and progress monitored. Our experienced fire safety surveyor will visit site and carry out an inspection, they will recommend a combination of services that reflect accurately the individual client requirement.

A schedule of meetings are arranged for the period prior and immediately following the contract start date, ensuring that plans are carried out in full and to client satisfaction.

It is this constant process of communication that allows us to ensure that client requirements are fulfilled immediately thereby giving us a platform with which to begin to exceed them.

This is a vital step toward provision of a purpose-created service that meets the client needs precisely. Fire in the workplace is a serious issue that is covered by national, state and local government and regulations including the Building Code of Australia, OH&S and Australian Standards. As your fire safety solutions supplier, FireQuest can advise you of your responsibilities, keep you informed of any changes in the fire industry and help your business to comply with all relevant local, state and national legislation.

60% of businesses that suffer a serious fire never recover!

Prevent Fire: Minimise the Risk

Preparing your business against fire can assist in reducing the risks to your staff and business and may result in reduced insurance premiums. To help prevent fire, FireQuest can provide:

Detect Fire: Early Warning

Early warning of a fire is important to ensure that you and your staff have time to respond and exit safely.

FireQuest specialises in designing, developing and installing fire detection and emergency evacuation systems for high risk areas through to commercial offices. Our comprehensive range of fire detection products and systems includes:

  • Smoke alarms
  • Engineered detection systems that can monitor for flame, heat or smoke
  • Fire alarm panels

Contain Fire: Effective Extinguishing

Fire must be contained quickly to reduce the damage suffered. Once started, a fire can be difficult to contain without the correct fire equipment. No matter whether your business operates in a warehouse, office building, chemical laboratory or a mine, FireQuest can recommend, design, develop and install a range of fire equipment and fire systems to aid in the containment of fires:
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire blankets
  • Fire hoses and nozzles
  • Fire hydrants and hose reels
  • Sprinkler and deluge systems
  • Foam systems

Escape Fire: Safe Evacuation

Once your business is equipped with the required fire protection equipment, it’s essential that your staff are trained in the identification and correct use of this equipment as well as emergency evacuation procedures.

FireQuest can assist you in developing an emergency response and evacuation plan and provide:

  • Emergency and exit lighting systems
  • Emergency warning and evacuation systems
  • Fire safety training

Fire Equipment

Australian Standards

All fire equipment must be serviced to the relevant Australian Standards. This is a local Government regulation and you can be fined if your equipment is not serviced accordingly.

Standard Servicing Requirment
Fire Extinguishers
Fire Hose Reels
Fire Hydrants
Fire Blankets
Australian Standard AS 1851-2005 Every 6 months
Fire Panels
Sprinkler Systems
Australian Standard AS 1851-2005​ Monthly
Exit Lights
Emergency Lights
Australian Standard AS 2239-2005 Every 6 months​

This is some of the equipment you might have on your premises plus there is more like Gaseous suppression systems, passive fire protection, fire doors etc.

All of the above must be complied with to ensure you are meeting council, Workcover and insurance regulations.

All Local Councils require an Annual Fire Safety Statement for your premises, this means that your equipment must be serviced according to the above schedule and then submit a statement once a year.

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